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NHS Therapeutic Sleep Programme

We are delighted to be recommissioned by Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care Board for a second year of this programme.

You may have come here to find out more: please note that there are strict referral pathways and criteria for this programme: you cannot access it through this website, only via the NHS.



Referral Criteria:

  • Children/young people aged 2-14 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)

  • Children/young people aged 2-14 diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


  • Children/young people on the pathway for assessment for either of the above

  • Children/young people aged 2-14 diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder

  • Children/young people aged 2-14 diagnosed with any other neurodevelopmental


Teenagers aged 15-18 can be referred into the webinar programme only

Please note that due to the volume of referrals we do not accept referrals from GPs, schools or social care / family support workers

Individual sleep support for 6 weeks

Your consultant can refer your child into the sleep programme for individual sleep support as long as they meet the referral criteria.

Please note that due to the volume of referrals we currently have a 6-8 month waiting list.

You will be offered the 2 week online webinar course in the meantime while you are waiting. Many parents have found this to be really useful in starting to try new strategies which are SEND specific and the underpinning knowledge is useful when we start the individual support.

Webinar programme

If you are referred into the programme by a neurodevelopment nurse, health visitor, school nurse, a member of the clinical team at the ADHD and Autism Team (AAT) or a CAMHS therapist you will be offered the online webinar course.

These run monthly, on different days and at different times to fit around your other commitments.

Once you have completed the basic programme we also offer additional one off webinars on

  • PDA and sleep

  • Sensory processing and sleep

  • Teenagers and sleep

Staff training

If you are an NHS staff member from any of the above groups we are also offering training to help you support families on your caseload. 

Please note that this will not qualify you to be a sleep practitioner or devise an individual sleep plan, but it will give you more confidence and knowledge to assist parents with sleep hygiene and explaining how being neurodivergent can impact on sleep.

You can either attend one of the webinar programmes which are running for parents or you can ask your manager to arrange a team training session.

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