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I get lots of lovely feedback: I thought I'd share these (with permission):

"I thought this course was brilliant. It exceeded my expectations. I have steered clear of asking for sleep advice from health visitors and GPs over the years as I felt I would be told to leave my child to Cry-It-Out and that was something that completely goes against how I think babies, children and adults should be treated. It is also completely impractical - how do you expect other children in the household to sleep if you have one child screaming? How do you get an unwilling child to stay in bed once they are able to get themselves out of bed?

The advice in this course was entirely different. 


I feel that the course has given me a decent understanding of the science of sleep which has left me feeling much less frustrated that my children do not sleep well as I now understand why. The course has also provided me with a whole toolbox of things I can try to help improve my children's sleep."

~ in person course, February  2022 

“I’m not really sure what i expected the course to include/advise, as I have been on so many previous courses/workshops about Sleep.  But it was a completely different approach then I have previously experienced, as it was look at reasons WHY, not  trying to find solutions that have never worked”

~ in person course, June 2022

"It has opened my eyes in a completely different way of thinking, when it comes to bed time for my children. The information was fantastic, I could listen to Nickie all day, the knowledge this lady has is second to non. Thank you very much I absolutely loved the work shop."

~ in person course, July 2022 

"It's easy.I think all professionals working with children and families with SEND would benefit from this course, as sleep is so integral, both to the child and the whole family- the impact is enormous in all aspects of the child's life."

~ in person course, October 2022

"From the second you said we were not to blame, I knew it was going to be a good course! You covered so much and explained it really well that I was engaged and felt empowered to put changes into practice that night and wanted to tell people what I'd learned"

~ online course, October 2022 

"I’ve told many of my sen mum friends how great the course was and the fact the first session explained sleep and it’s purpose and how as humans we need it etc. It really helped be able to understand so much more within my family.

The second session specific to SEN was just as useful! I really enjoyed Nickie’s clear passion for the subject and her confidence in sharing her knowledge shone through."

~ online course, October 2022

"Thank you Nickie. The course was so helpful and insightful. I’m hoping it will really help with an issue we have been struggling with for nearly 6 years with almost no input fromprofessionals."

~ online course, November 2022 

"Excellent course! Really interesting and so helpful moving forward. I will be sharing information with friends who are also struggling with sleep issues! This course was so helpful. More of these sessions should be available as it really is so valuable! So many parents could benefit!"

~ online course, January 2023

"It was just so relevant and parent friendly."

~ online course, February 2023

"So much material covered in such an accessible way.  It's rare to find anyone who understands the difficulties families have with  autistic/ADHD children and to offer understandable and meaningful help."

~ online course, May 2023

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